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This was a month of Getting Things Done! My first novel is released, research for the sequel is under way, my unofficial translation project is off to a decent start ([syndicated profile] arslan_feed, [livejournal.com profile] arslan_feed), and I'm hoping to have another book (different series) out sometime this summer/fall if all goes well. Which it may very well not, given my track record. :P

Oh yeah, and AUSOS. A.K.A. the webserial I unceremoniously put on hold more than half a year ago. So... relaunch is planned for May or June, but it's been a real pain trying to figure out how to jump back into the plot from where I left off (right in the middle of a chapter, OOPS). I mean, I DID have an outline for this one, but it was a very vague one, as my "outlines" tend to be (1-3 cryptic sentences per chapter). I know very generally what's supposed to happen, but exactly what I had planned to reveal and when I planned to reveal them... ummmmmm. This was not a problem when I was actually focused on the project, but after this long of a break from the material... I confess I'm a bit at a loss. XD (This is one of the many reasons I usually don't write in order.)

So a lot of rereading ahead (hopefully won't get distracted by the urge to edit everything to pieces) -- I need to write up a recap anyway -- and a lot of reorienting/replotting. I'll admit, I keep procrastinating on this because I'm feeling much more enthusiastic about the shiny new book that took over my brain back in March, which is actually not "new", exactly, but more like the germination of yet another one of those "been around forever" ideas of mine... Anyway, I guess I'll see what happens, but first I should probably get some sleep...


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