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Hmm, yeah, a couple of updates, with perhaps more later. Maybe I should start posting here more than once a month. :P

1. Memory of AUSOS: I've finally reached the midpoint of the first season! i.e. am venturing now into uncharted territories... Technically I have the whole season outlined, but I'm really a pantser at heart, and this shows especially with AUSOS, where I pretty much never know exactly how an update is going to turn out until I sit down and write it.

The last couple of updates (the ones since relaunch) have been kinda interesting in that I've been waiting a long, long time to write them. Episode 13 in particular has been in the plans from the very beginning... Which didn't make it any easier to write, but did mean I had a pretty clear image or idea of what I was going for.

But now that I've passed that milestone, the next major milestone I have ahead of me is the season finale. Which is a long way off. And everything that lies in between is muddled and vague. Or, in other words, I feel like I'm starting from scratch again, even though I'm technically not. Still, daunting!

2. The Ghost Tiger's Lament: Like I've posted several times at several places by now, the book is now posted in entirety at Wattpad --


It's going to be featured starting July 5th, and I'm a little nervous about the reception... but oh well, what's done is done. No use wasting more brain power on it. I've started hammering out the shape of the sequel and doing research for it, and have also written a few snippets here and there, but it doesn't look anything like the beginnings of a proper draft yet.

3. Vortex Saga/The Land of Eternal Winter: The new/current project. To be honest, I have been completely STUCK on writing for the past two months, but that doesn't mean I haven't been making progress either. Recently I decided to trash the opening of the first book and try a different angle, so we'll see how that goes.

For the record, I cycled through at least ten different openings for Ghost Tiger -- and have done similarly for previous (retired) projects. AUSOS was one of the rare instances where I knew exactly where and how to start. Otherwise, I HATE OPENINGS. (For longer work, at least. Don't have as much of a problem with them for shorts.) No other part of a book gives me as much trouble or forces me to do as much rewriting. For me, the opening serves as the foundation of the rest of the story, so if I don't get it right, everything collapses. On the flip side, once the opening is (finally) set in stone, the rest is relatively smooth going. Fixes later on are easier to make, and much less painful.

4. Other/Miscellaneous: Like I said, have been in a rut through most of May/June. Aside from dashing out AUSOS updates, I did get a little bit of work done on a short story that's like more than a year old at this point, but not enough to boast about. :P
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This was a month of Getting Things Done! My first novel is released, research for the sequel is under way, my unofficial translation project is off to a decent start ([syndicated profile] arslan_feed, [livejournal.com profile] arslan_feed), and I'm hoping to have another book (different series) out sometime this summer/fall if all goes well. Which it may very well not, given my track record. :P

Oh yeah, and AUSOS. A.K.A. the webserial I unceremoniously put on hold more than half a year ago. So... relaunch is planned for May or June, but it's been a real pain trying to figure out how to jump back into the plot from where I left off (right in the middle of a chapter, OOPS). I mean, I DID have an outline for this one, but it was a very vague one, as my "outlines" tend to be (1-3 cryptic sentences per chapter). I know very generally what's supposed to happen, but exactly what I had planned to reveal and when I planned to reveal them... ummmmmm. This was not a problem when I was actually focused on the project, but after this long of a break from the material... I confess I'm a bit at a loss. XD (This is one of the many reasons I usually don't write in order.)

So a lot of rereading ahead (hopefully won't get distracted by the urge to edit everything to pieces) -- I need to write up a recap anyway -- and a lot of reorienting/replotting. I'll admit, I keep procrastinating on this because I'm feeling much more enthusiastic about the shiny new book that took over my brain back in March, which is actually not "new", exactly, but more like the germination of yet another one of those "been around forever" ideas of mine... Anyway, I guess I'll see what happens, but first I should probably get some sleep...
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Well! This year has not been going as planned at all (when does it ever), but I... am surprisingly okay with that. I'd been going through a bit of a rough patch since around August last year, which threw my original plans completely off kilter, and really have only been able to start pulling myself back together in the last few weeks. (It's been an on and off thing, to be honest -- hopefully this time it sticks. Fingers crossed!)

Out of an initial goal of 200k new words this year, I've made it to about 35k as of today -- that is, I'm behind, but not by so much that I'm going to beat myself up over it. I'll finally be publishing one or two things in April, which I'm very much looking forward to. And then I can finally restart a certain webserial cough, not to mention start working on the next few projects I have lined up.

Despite myself, I'm pretty excited about what the future holds right now. :)


Feb. 24th, 2012 10:00 pm
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Oh gosh. This month has been just... well, I'd rather not talk about it.

In the meantime, the main project I was working on, which I was thinking for a while would barely hit 80k words in terms of length... looks like it's going to fall in the 90-95k range instead.

I've never considered myself a wordy writer. I mean, I'm not exactly concise either, but I'm too bored by my own infodumping for it to ever be a major problem for me even in my earlier drafts. I'm the kind of writer, in fact, who usually has to cycle back through my work in order to flesh out scenes. (I was actually worried since the genres I write in tend toward doorstopper lengths, i.e. over 100k!)

Haha, anyway, I thought I was starting to get a pretty good grasp of how "long" I write for any given project (despite being a pantser for the most part, I almost always start out with a good idea of the overall structure of a story, which in turn gives me a fairly decent estimate of scope), but it seems the longer the work gets, the less accurate my sense of length gets...
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Sooooo, I've been doing the [community profile] inkingitout challenge this year (goal: 200k), and am doing okay despite a bad start, though still not quite optimally.

Most of my available energy has been concentrated on a single project for the last two months, but as that (finally) draws to a close, I find my mind beginning to wander. There's the serial to restart, of course (COUGH), and the sequel to this current project to start planning for, and a few short stories/one novella to be finished, and a potential standalone novel to play with....

And two games to plan/write/code.

This last item is a bit of a conundrum, as the concept for the one I'm more interested in is probably way too ambitious for a more-or-less first time project, and the other one isn't really "story-based". I've been wondering whether or not I should include the ambitious project in my overall word count, though, because that one is story-based. Thus far I've only been counting original prose (I've not had the brain space for fanfic in a while, and if I counted my personal blog/journal posts/research notes this challenge would be way too easy :P). The game material technically falls under this umbrella, but in my head I've been making a distinction between those projects and the projects that are more strictly writing-based.

Which kinda leads into my next point, which is that I'm also torn between wanting to spend time/energy on the things I can (and should) finish (i.e. have something to show for the work) ASAP -- and wanting to noodle around with the game project, which will take a lot more time, money, and commitment before it reaches fruition. I want to do EVERYTHING now. But there's only so much time in the day, and so much energy I can afford. I could work on whatever excites me the most at any given moment, which maximizes productivity but lessens actual (completed) output... or I could focus on getting my work out there and building an audience. Both options have their pros and cons, and it's hard to strike a balance between them.

That said, I'm not sure this would be so much of a problem if only I weren't so impatient! XD


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