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Hope you had a happy Thanksgiving, US folks! And hope the rest of you had fun with NaNo or whatever else you did with your Novembers. :P

1. Memory of AUSOS: I'm so close to the end now that I'm actually really tempted to go back to a weekly schedule! (But will I just end up burning myself out at that speed? WHO KNOWS.) That said, I've already started making plans for the eventual compilation, which at my current rate will probably be released sometime next summer in both print and electronic form.

2. The Land of Eternal Winter: Look for an electronic release sometime in December/January. :3 (Unless I get delayed AGAIN like I did with Ghost Tiger last year. Yikes!) Anyway this is a pretty fun series. I hope people enjoy it when it comes out.

But basically the moment this is done, I am 80% sure I'm going to go back to weekly updates for AUSOS.

3. Black Tortoise, White Snake (Ghost Tiger sequel): Status unchanged, but not to fear -- the story has been more or less taking shape in my head all this time. And it is going to be awesome. :D

4. Other/Miscellaneous: Status still unchanged here.


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