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Almost forgot to post some updates!

I'm slowly but steadily getting back into the writing groove. Still haven't decided whether or not I'm going to attempt NaNo this year (NaNo levels of productivity are something I strive for on a regular basis anyway... but fail miserably at :P) -- I have no interest in doing it properly, i.e. starting an entirely new project with it, but I do have a bunch of stuff that needs wrapping up.

1. Memory of AUSOS: I continue to feel both excited and intimidated as pieces finally fall into place one after another. As I mentioned on Twitter a few weeks back, there are only two "arcs" left to this book/season. It's been scary juggling all these old threads and weaving them back into the narrative... but also really fun. :3 If I continue with my current update schedule, the season will come to a close next summer or so... I would really like to speed it up though if possible!

At any rate, when I compile all of this for the ebook/print release, I am probably going to do quite a bit of editing to make the foreshadowing and earlier hints a little more consistent/obvious (without losing all semblance of subtlety, of course).

2. The Land of Eternal Winter: I'm in the middle of a Rewrite of Doom. Had to restructure a few parts... I think the book is much stronger now. But it is a very tedious process of scrapping and writing and rearranging. I'm determined to release before the end of the year, but not sure if I can make it...

3. Black Tortoise, White Snake (Ghost Tiger sequel): I feel guilty admitting this, but BTWS has been sort of on hold while I scramble to catch up with AUSOS and Eternal Winter, though plotting and research has continued in the background. I can't wait to get back to work properly on this.

4. Other/Miscellaneous: Am choosing to focus on the novel-length projects at the moment. If there is time, I will release another Dragonfly City story before the end of the year, but otherwise the remaining two stories in that universe will be published early next year. (Hopefully.)

Space Opera universe continues to eat my brain, but the amount of research I'm going to have to do to make it work is intimidating.
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